Screaming in a Cyclone

HR Budgets Part A
A hastily assembled crew

The team is quickly put together for a last-minute extraction job in a suburb of Seattle. “Pavel” the sneak, “Redline” the Rigger, and eventually “Clockwork” the hacker. The work is simple enough but on a short deadline.

Introductions and some basic scouting is completed.

HR Budget Finale
The team is introduced to the moral sucker punches in the shadows

Finished: 0200, 4 January, 2075

The team extracts Nadia Clements, a skilled Enchantress currently employed with Renraku, through subsidiaries. Their Johnson, eventually determined to be Wuxing, has hired them to bring her to him instead. Partway through their job, Wuxing’s HR decides that she worth more to sell, and turns her over to Aztechnology. Not a good place for a mage to end up.

After painfully deliberating and deciding there’s nothing they can do for her, she is extracted by another team.

Total pay: 45,000 nuyen


Survival: 2
Completed all objectives: 2
Challenge: 2
Cold-hearted Bastards: -2
Extended session: 2

Total: 6
Pavel: Rolling with Mia and Eliza +2
Redline: Fleeing the Marshall +1
Clockwork: Running against type +1

Run Off
The team accepts a job the CDs don't have time for.
  • Cassie tells the team they don’t have time for a job offer but want to help out Hestaby, the Great Dragon offering it.
  • The crew accepts it after blowing their money earned on their first job.
  • They hatch a plan, and briefly scout the office building S-K has leased space in.
  • Eliza ends up having a friend, Albert, that is a tailor to Runners.
  • It’s established, after buying explosives, that it would be best to hire someone who knows how to set them.
Run Off Finale
  • The crew meets Cowboy, their new muscle.
  • They hit the building sly and fast, through before S-K has time to react subtly.
  • After a brief chase through downtown Seattle, the cops are scared off by Cassie’ shooting an attack helicopter down.
  • Bonding, and personal lesson are learned leading into the job.


  • Survival +2
  • All objectives +2
  • Overall challenge (Spider: 14) 3
  • Good Feelings +2
  • Extended Session +2
  • Pavel (Trusting Albert/Eliza and making good use of connections) +1 (12)
  • Clockwork (Well-played horror at security in S-K) +2 (13)
  • Cowboy (Played to type) +1 (12)
  • Redline (Played to flaws) +1 (12)
Interlude: Promises
  • Jillian is attacked at the University by a running team
  • Renraku wants the Clemets family back in its full employ
  • CDs help her create a new life for her
  • The oddest Ares Johnson ever hires them for work near Austin

Karma: 4

Disposable Workforce
  • Redline and Jillian settle into the new home
    • She is set up as James’ live-in nurse
  • Cowboy mentions that “Red”, the Johnson that hired them for Ares, is/was a big player in Desert Wars
  • Deliberation over why she’s sending them in
  • Shopping for the trip to Texas

Karma: 2

Disposable Workforce Finale


  • Survived: 2
  • Completed all objectives: 2
  • Highest Pool: 2
  • “Good Feelings”: 2
  • Pavel: Not abandoning the family 2 (10)
  • Clockwork: Saving Lester 2 (10)
  • Cowboy: Trusting Red: 3 (11)
  • Redline: The broken brake ploy: 2 (10)
Star Witness
  • Time passes
  • The team picks up a protection job
    • Executive witness at The Hilton
    • SINs will be heavily tracked

Karma: 2

  • Clockwork: +2 for playing to type
Star Witness, Act I
  • They meet their principle and he’s as obnoxious as they were warned/worried he was going to be
  • The first attempt by a runner team to recon is foiled
  • Ares approaches Cowboy with a proposal about Red

Karma: 2

Star Witness, Act II
  • Second attempt on the principle
  • Gorgon
  • Magical Healing
  • Kim

Karma: 4


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